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How can a animal exist without a brain or nervous system? highly organized, complex Look at that butcher shop! Garrett cast a swift glance at the Starfleet Intelligence officer.

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  • He was still trying when two bullets in the back lifted him from the saddle. As a group, they shuffled hastily away from the thundering onslaught of bitter tasting flakes.

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    For five days, the Roveheartswind blew; and as the fifth day relaxed into late afternoon, a shout from Horizonscan snatched every eye on deck toward the east: Bareisle!

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  • A mile and a half in an hour and fifteen minutes, which might be just about right in the darkness, with a small child to carry or help along. They helped each other strap loads on their backs, beneath the high-mounted parachutes, then struggled into their white waterproof snow trousers.
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    Every year the season seems to just fly by, and this year is not an exception. We are getting through various sicknesses, some nagging injuries, soreness, etc, and the heavy loads of homework that kids tend to have. This time of year we have to be careful about the time we require from them. All of us want to be the best team possible, but we have to be able to work with their schedules at the same time. Our practices, length and intensity vary a lot during this time of year. When we plan a practice there are so many things to think about: Kids (their legs, where we want their legs to be and when, their stress load, schoolwork, etc. and the overall big picture, what our team needs to improve on, and how much time we have to complete that task) Thinking about all of these things makes planning practices an adventure, and sometimes we go to practice with a plan, everything feels wrong, and we change things halfway through. This happened last night, we planned to go two hours, and go really hard. After about an hour and a half of great practice, two consecutive trips we had some really crazy circumstances that led to everyone laughing. Don’t get me wrong, our practices are not a laugh a minute, but at that point, I looked at Coach Shelsta, he was laughing and shaking his head, we both new that we were going nowhere from there, and sent them home.  We are planning on the kids showing up to work today with no memory of that, and ready to get our jobs done today.  For the most part, practices are my favorite part of coaching.  This is where we coach, this is where we learn about teams, this is where they learn about us.  At Bellevue West we are extremely lucky to work with the people that we do.  My kids show up, they work, they laugh, and they genuinely care about each other.  Every day is competitive, every day is encouraging, and my coaches and I wish it was part our doing, but in the end we know how lucky we are to work with the kids we see every day.  Thanks for reading, if anyone is looking for games to attend this weekend, on Friday we play Omaha Central.  Girls’ Varsity is 5:30 pm and boys is 7:15 pm.  Both games should be good games, and to beat it all the Boys’ Jr. ROTC is performing at halftime of the boys’ game.  On Saturday, we play Millard West at the same times.  Millard West is one of the finest girls’ teams you will see on the court this year, they are tall, athletic, well coached, and deep.  We have our work cut out for us all weekend.

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  • He resumed his job, measuring out water by the dipperful into the buckets and dishes the emigrants held out to him. Maybe I'll see what's in the lining of the bag.



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